& Succulent



We award a number of trophies for plants exhibited during the year

Summer Table Show

March to May and July to October inclusive

Branch Cup – Summer Show Classes A-F

Arnall Capps Trophy – Summer Show Class A

Keith Cromwell Trophy – Summer Show Class B

SPC Cup – Summer Show Class C

Kings Lynn Cup – Summer Show Class D

Ray Undrill Trophy – Summer Show Class E

Miniatures Cup – Summer Show Class F

Winter Table Show

November to February inclusive

Foster Cup – Winter Show Class A

Chris Tennant Bowl – Winter Show Class B

Other Trophies

Awarded on the dates indicated on the meetings page

Hemmings Cup
Two Cacti and two Succulents up to 3½" (9cm) pots

King Cup
Three cacti up to 5½" (14cm) pots

Jubilee Shield
Three succulents up to 5½" (14cm) pots

Moody Shield
Three cacti - unlimited pot size